Salads that you create are here.......




Do you want to be creative .... Why not make up your own salad with 3 easy steps

1)      Choose your leaf type (cucumber and tomato already included)

  1. Spring mixed leaf
  2. Arugula
  3. Baby spinach, Radicchio and kale

2)      Choose 4 ingredients

Grilled Eggplant                        Hot Salami                                             Parmesan cheese

Kalamata Olives                        Cured Ham                                             Mixed Hard Cheese

Artichoke                                   Chargrilled Grilled Chicken                 Goat Cheese

Sundried tomatoes                   Smoked Salmon                                    Buffalo Cheese

Fresh Mushrooms                     Anchovies                                               Mozzarella (FDL)

Wild Mushrooms                       Smoked Ham

Rappini                                        Tuna

Roasted Red Peppers

v  Additional ingredients shall be charged between $.75/$1.50 per ingredient

3)      Choose your dressing

  1. 850 Degrees dressing
  2. Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette
  3. Yoghurt dressing

all for only $14.00