September's Features are here


Pasta of the Month 

Ribboned pappardelle pasta with sautéed cremini mushrooms & wild boar sausage in a truffle cream sauce.

Pizza of the month 

Oven roasted spicy eggplant and artichoke on a tomato sauce base with freshly chopped kale and goats cheese sprinkled on top once cooked.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 10.36.11 PM.png

Wine of the Month 

Our orange wine is a natural wine and made from 40% whole cluster, 40% whole berry and 20% pressed juice from hand picked Pinot Gris. Natural yeast and malolactic fermented, this wine has had nothing added and nothing taken away (no sulphites, or other additives, and no fining nor filtration).

Being unfiltered it is slightly cloudy; for a white wine it has a lot of colour, and is slightly orange. Aromatically it has hints of bergemont or earl gray tea, jasmine, and stone fruits, the palate is fresh and long with texture and elegance due to the stem fermentation. It finishes dry and fresh.