January features

Firstly Happy New Year !!! Now lets get down to business:-)

Fresh handmade potato gnocchi with a choice of either our classic tomato sauce with basil or our parmesan, sunflower seed and basil pesto. 


And if you meat lovers are still reading.... this pizza is for you!

Our pizza of the month starts with our classic tomato sauce, fresh fior di latte cheese, we then add hot salami, pepperoni, spicy nduja sausage, wild boar sausage, ham, and finish off this meat feast with our thinly cut Niagara prosciutto. You won't find any turkey here!


 Beers of the month

High Park Brewery: Against the Grain

This German style lager is clean, crisp and refreshing. Against the Grain’s clear golden colour comes with a light malt taste that is counter balanced with hand-picked German hops, and a medium dry  nish. An excellent recommendation to drinkers beginning to expand their beer horizon.


High Park Brewery: Off the Leash

One of the 2017 Ontario Brewing Award winning Indian Pale Ales. This English style inspired brew yields pleasant aromas of citrus mixed with American west coast hops, balanced with a taste of